TFCC Replacements


  • Pain and clicking on the ulna side of the wrist


  • The triangular fibro cartilage complex (TFCC) has a tear that has failed to heal.


  • Ulna sided wrist pain
  • Localised pain in this area ‘ulna side of wrist’
  • Pain and clicking with circumduction
  • X-rays often normal, may show ulna styloid fragment
  • MRI Scan – increasingly effective at diagnosing tears
  • Arthroscopy confirms the diagnosis
  • Small tears can be debrided


  • Surgical
    • General Anaesthetic
    • Usually diagnostic wrist arthroscopy first
    • Small tears and central tears can be debrided arthroscopically
    • Large peripheral tears that fail to heal can be repaired usually through a small open approach, using a suture anchor to stabilize the cartilage
    • Occasionally the ulna will need to be shortened.

Potential Complications

  • Infection, Haematoma, Neurovascular Injury
  • Stiffness – loss of supination/pronation

Post Op Care

  • Above Elbow cast
  • Sugar Tong splint for six weeks, prevents supination/pronation.
  • Hand Therapy for strengthening.
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