4 Corner Fusion


  • Osteoarthritis in the wrist joint between the radius and the scaphoid
  • Pain and Stiffness is felt in the wrist.


  • Usually results following a scaphoid injury that hasn’t healed properly or scapho-lunate ligament injury.


  • X-rays will usually confirm the diagnosis.
  • A CT or MRI may be required to look at the joint surfaces of the other carpal bones.


  • Operation – Day stay or overnight stay.
  • General anaesthetic with arm block.
  • Removal of the arthritic scaphoid bone.
  • Fusion of the remaining carpal bones with either staples or spider plate and local bone graft.
  • Occasionally bone graft from the hip is required.

Potential Complications

  • Infection, Haematoma, stiffness.
  • Delayed or non union of carpal bones.
  • CRPS (exaggerated pain response from the nerves).

Post-Operative Care

  • Analgesia, Elevation in sling
  • Back slab for 2 weeks then either cast or splint for four to six weeks till carpus unites
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