Seed Ganglions


  • Small swelling over the palm.


  • A fluid filled cyst arising from the flexor sheath.


  • Pain and discomfort is felt at the base of the relevant finger, especially when gripping items
  • The swelling can usually be palpated. It may change in size and shape.
  • X-rays are usually normal.
  • MRI/ultrasound can confirm the diagnosis as a fluid filled cyst


  • Surgery – usually general anaesthetic
  • A small Brunner incision is made over the palpable lump
  • This is excised with an excision of the cyst and stalk from where the cyst arises.
  • The specimen is sent to the laboratory for histological analysis

Potential Complications

  • Infection, haematoma, neurovascular injury
  • Stiffness
  • A small chance of recurrence, less than 5%.
  • Occasionally the lump may be a swelling on the nerve or blood vessel

Post Op Care

  • Day Surgery, supportive bandage for ten days
  • Wound check and discuss histology at ten day.
  • Back to most activities by two weeks
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