Mucous Cysts


  • Swelling on the dorsal aspect of the finger over the DIP joint


  • Usually there is a degree of osteoarthritis in the end joint of the finger. A cyst forms between the extensor tendon and the side ligament, causing a soft tissue swelling, which can be felt and usually seen over the back of the hand.


  • The location and appearance of the swelling is usually diagnostic
  • X-rays can be performed showing degenerative joint.
  • The cyst sometimes causes a pressure groove on the nail plate, causing a nail deformity.
  • Occasionally an MRI scan or ultrasound will confirm the diagnosis.


  • Occasionally the cysts will rupture and heal by themselves, not requiring treatment
  • Surgical Treatment – either general or regional anaesthetic
  • The skin is opened up through an ‘H’ type incision on the back of the finger. The cyst is debrided from the degenerative DIP joint. Bony spurs are nibbled back.
  • If the joint is grossly arthritic and painful then a fusion procedure is normally performed.

Potential Complications

  • Infection, haematoma, wound breakdown
  • Stiffness to the DI P joint
  • Recurrence of the Cyst

Post Op Care

  • The patient is usually in a finger dressing post operatively
  • Occasionally a splint is used to protect the extensor tendon
  • Specialist review at ten days for wound inspection and stitch removal and at six weeks for clinical review and three months.
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