Olecranon Traction Spur


  • Bony spur over the tip of the elbow


  • Tractions spurs are caused by repetitive strain to triceps tendon insertion.


  • Clinical exam will show obvious swelling over the olecranon
  • Plain x-rays are taken to look for any underlying bone or joint problem, or ununited fracture.


  • Non operative measures such as antiflammatories, are sometimes successful.
  • In recalcitrant cases surgical excision is required.
  • Operation usually, general anaesthetic, excision of the spur, with smoothing of the bone.
  • The patient is usually placed in a splint to restrict elbow motion for two to three weeks, or a bulky bandage.

Potential Complications

  • Infection, Haematoma, stiffness
  • Can get recurrence of the spur.
  • The biggest issue is with wound healing

Post-Operative Care

  • Analgesia, Elevation,
  • Back slab for two to three weeks until wound is well healed or bulky bandage.
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